Cancre – Étrangler

Cancre – Étrangler
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Relase : October 05, 2021

In a dystopian world, the people are subjugated by the forces of order. Thirsty for freedom, he rises up to win it back.
In the poignant piece “Strangle”, Cancre describes the emptiness of existence and immobility in the face of the movements of the world. At the heart of this reflection, it is the human condition, devoid of meaning and future that is pointed out. The power of the text written in the rubble of the Great War is timeless and the words seem to resonate through the decades. Indeed, the texts are based on the writings of Marcel Millasseau, the great uncle of the Millasseau brothers who wrote them more than 100 years ago in the trenches.
Like this prose with Dadaist fever, the clip challenges the conventions of the academic narrative scheme.
To support the poetic and sensory dimension of the piece, the animation is free (or almost) of “cut”. The spectator floats slowly, helplessly in a long sequence shot to finally arrive at the starting point, evoking the human instinct to perpetually provoke wars.
Threat, wandering, standardization, anonymity, social polarities, characters sometimes victims, sometimes violent doing justice to themselves. This is the law of retaliation. Just like the lyrics, the clip shows the timeless side of fierce struggles and frantic fights.

About Cancre “Étrangler” :

Directed by Pauline Bricout, she confides that “(her) credo (is to) generate emotion. Always narrative, surreal and aesthetic, the clips I make have a recurring central theme: Destiny. Systematically living between confinement and freedom, the protagonists are irremediably drawn to their bittersweet spells.

About Cancre :

The Morlaisien Klet Beyer, had met the bassist from Brest Mathias Millasseau within a rock group in Breton. When Robin Millasseau (guitarist and chorister of the Craftmen Club version 2017) returns to Brittany, the two brothers decide to play with Klet by forming “Wicked” in 2013, with a garage rock sound and texts in English. For this new project supported by Eric Digaire, member of the Brestois of Matmatah, the trio is renamed “Cancre” and has been singing in French since 2020.

Auteurs : Robin Millasseau, Mathias Millasseau, Clet Beyer
Compositeurs : Robin Millasseau, Mathias Millasseau, Clet Beyer, Éric Digaire
Mastering : Sébastien Lorho @ Near Deaf Studios
Production : Upton Park Publishing
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