Courcheval – Danse Courcheval Danse

Courcheval – Danse Courcheval Danse
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Release : 22 mars 2022

“Danse Courcheval Danse” is the second collaboration between Courcheval and director Pauline Bricout. In this absurd burlesque parody, the works are the children of contemporary artists who rebel against the system in which they have come to life. A Pythonesque happy ending, a snub to contemporary art. This clip sees Maurizio Cattelan’s banana trying to escape from an imaginary museum.
She will then pass in front of some of the most highly rated representatives, until she guides a revolution (of works) of art. The clip is teeming with artistic references, in a parody coupled with a critical look, a scathing reflection on the contemporary art market.
Sharks bathing in formalin dear to Damien Hirst.
An English bobby walking a dog in a balloon resembling that of Jeff Koons as a descendant of graffiti by street artist Banksy.
Goldfish running after mixers in revolt against Marco Evaristti, this artist specializing in Shock Art…
The banana itself tagging the pioneer of graffiti himself, Keith Haring, with his leitmotif “Everything has an end except the banana which has two”…
The Lavazza model of Zevs being dragged, but also a discreet reminder of its liquidated series…
But also a mosaic from the collection of street artist Space Invader. Another reminder to Banksy the king of graffiti with his famous “Red balloon girl” shredded during the auction at Sotheby’s.
And so on, making this clip a small pearl at the height of the Coucheval piece.

About Courcheval “Danse Courcheval Danse” :

Directed by Pauline Bricout, this clip was thought of as a showcase for the piece. This is also the second collaboration between Courcheval and the director. To illustrate the singer’s words, the parallel with the world of contemporary art has been imagined.

About Courcheval :

Guillaume Cantillon, by adapting the art of collage to that of music, has gradually created his universe from scratch. From a collection of heterogeneous samples collected during his travels and recycled into musical samples, the artist has thus composed a lush musical tableau. The lascivious sounds rub shoulders with texts in a sometimes sulphurous French to put themselves at the service of a solar disc, with a dancing mood.

Author : Courcheval
Production : Upton Park Publishing
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