“Dystopie” – Motion graphic : Pauline Bricout
Music : Mugwumps – Hecq

“Dystopie” is a production by Pauline Bricout, made several years ago.
The oil tanker Braer runs aground, southern tip of the Sheitland Islands: 84,500 tonnes of oil spill into the sea. Manu, Éloïse, Paulin and Luc die from oil.
Deepwater Dark Horizon, Gulf of Mexico: An oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico released 4.4 million barrels of crude oil. Marc, Harold and William will not survive it.
Interfering electromagnetic radiation. More than 3500 digital satellites revolve around the earth. Computer screens. More than 1.5 billion mobile phones. Relay antennas. TGV. Speed cameras. Video game consoles.
Meningitis, decrease in neuronal proliferation. Formation of micro-edemas. Environmental threat. Immoral. War. Pollution. In France, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Pennsylvania. Contaminating human activities.

Nature :

80% of the original global forest cover has been cut down or degraded, mostly in the last 30 years.
Every year more than 13 million hectares of forests disappear.
27,000 animal and plant species disappear each year.
Black tide. Rise in the level of the oceans: it is estimated that the sea level will rise by 1 meter, which will cause the flooding of the coasts of all the continents, where the vast majority (approximately 74% or 4,440,000 people) of the human population.
Ecological disaster: it is estimated that more than 3 billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere annually.

War :

Vietnam War. Korea War. Algeria War. More people will die from the environmental impact of war than from bombing during that same war.
Mauritius: ammunition toxicity. Aftermath of wars.
Nitrates. Hydrocarbons. Heavy metals. Overconsumption. Power.
Man is depleting the earth’s resources. At the current rate, humanity will need a second planet at the start of the 2030s to meet its needs. And the movement is accelerating.

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