Ed Banger – Video capsule

Ed Banger
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Proposition : Ed Banger Records

Ed Banger and Pauline, it’s a love story that lasts. It is therefore logical that it offers a first dose ! With a video capsule bringing together several of the label’s emblematic artists. This is how in a supercharged medley, the director Pauline Bricout brings together Mr Oizo, Justice, Molécule, SébastiAn and Busy P.
In a 30-second video capsule, “Pourriture” by Quentin Dupieux opens the ball with his faithful alias Flat Eric. Justice, the flagship group of French electro clash strikes its devastating riffs on the diviner with DVNO. Molécule, in an experimental and marine side, makes a transition with the piece Night by SebastiAn… To end in style with a sample of Busy P and one of his first pieces, Chop Suey
This capsule, one of the longest of these first doses is free, represents a concentrate of his universe. A true declaration of love for a label that has been making her dance for years. It is also a way of conveying a message and a certain vision of the artists. It is also Dj Mehdi, Cassius, Feadz, So-Me and many other artists for whom she shows a lasting respect.

About the “La première dose est gratuite” video capsule :

The concept of #La1èreDoseEstGratuite allows director Pauline Bricout to present her work to different artists with whom she would like to collaborate. She therefore chooses each piece according to her musical affinity and imagines the universe for this one in particular and for this sample more precisely. The sample chosen is about 10 seconds long, so as not to interfere or take advantage of the piece, that it remains illustrative and not parasitic. Once the dose has been made, she contacts the artist or the label directly, either by email or via social networks.

version française / english version