High Tone – Ritual of Death

High Tone – Ritual of Death
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Proposition : High Tone

High Tone “Ritual of Death” is one of the last video clips made. This piece from the album “Time Has Come”, and released in 2019, inspired this loop. Holy Virgin praying, totem inspired by South American culture, ghostly and dark little girl, Hansel and Graetel’s house…
A kind of “shamanic” interpretation of this piece is like a modern reinterpretation of BlueBerry by Jan Kounen. Pauline is therefore inspired by different rituals. She thus illustrates the piece with mortuary, childish or even spiritual elements.
High Tone is a (see “the”) French dub group, originally from Lyon. Formed in 1997, it is one of the pioneers of the genre in France. Through their studio albums or their collaborative albums (with Kaly Live Dub, Improvisators Dub, Wang Leï, Zenzile or Brain Damage) the group mixes many musical influences. Jamaican dub from the 1970s, electronic music (including jungle, drum and bass, techno), hip-hop, reggae, oriental sounds… The group is signed to Jarring Effects Label, an independent music house specializing in indie and non-conformist music since 1993. Jarring Effects Label has evolved into a cooperative since 2007.

About the “La première dose est gratuite” video capsule :

The concept of #La1èreDoseEstGratuite allows director Pauline Bricout to present her work to different artists with whom she would like to collaborate. She therefore chooses each piece according to her musical affinity and imagines the universe for this one in particular and for this sample more precisely. The sample chosen is about 10 seconds long, so as not to interfere or take advantage of the piece, that it remains illustrative and not parasitic. Once the dose has been made, she contacts the artist or the label directly, either by email or via social networks.

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