Hippocampe Fou – Swipe Right

Hippocampe Fou – Swipe Right
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Release : June 17, 2020

Hippocampe Fou’s satirical track “Swipe Right” highlights the degenerative mores of today’s society that consumes partners in one-click as it consumes products. The message is all the stronger in this context of confinement, in which the gap between human interactions is widening a little more. To illustrate these strong words, sung to a festive tune, there is nothing like a playful, two-way graphic universe, as meaningful as the rhythm of this piece.
As noted by HipHopCorner (source), “the gorilla and the praying mantis become the allegories of the man and the woman addicted to dating. Height of happiness (or not), the two even end up having kids together. This strange union, not to say unnatural, reminds us all to go out covered before a date. Of course, since we are talking about ass, the implicit images of a sexual nature follow one another at a frantic pace. Rest assured, Hippocampe Fou obliges, nothing is gritty, but finesse, style, and humor are there.”
Internet users are not mistaken, calling the clip “a crazy identity; a sticky atmosphere, which sticks to the skin. We couldn’t imagine a better way to dress this new title” (Pyru) and find it “full of meaning. Very pleasant to decipher, not to mention the always clever and demanding text.” (Mathilda). “ or as Simon notes “the evocative images in a quarter of a second… It’s like another layer of words! “

About Hippocampe Fou “Swipe Right” :

Directed by Pauline Bricout for Hippocampe Fou, it is indeed the result of a close collaboration in full confinement. Sébastien’s words are highlighted in a quirky way in a clip full of suggestion and double meaning. Not recommended for children, it gives pride of place to references and allusions, a perfect setting for Hippo’s lyrics.

About Hippocampe Fou :

Sébastien Gonzalez, alias Hippocampe Fou was born in 1984 to a French mother and a Colombian father. He started rapping in 2007 with the group La Secte Phonetik and producing from 2010. Swipe Right is the first extract from his new EP, “Pas pour les jeunes” released on June 11, 2021.

Lyrics : Hippocampe Fou
Music : Lucas Dorier & céo
Chorus : Sharon Laloum
Recording & Mixing : Dimitri Happert au Studio Plugin
Mastering : Damien Bolo au Spectrum Studio
Production : Excuse My French & Blue Line
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF0mx4LXWr0
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hippocampefou
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hippocampe_fou/

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