Hippocampe Fou – Trou

Hippocampe Fou – Trou
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Proposition : Hippocampe Fou

This capsule for Hippocampe Fou stages a camera in subjective view, twirling according to the words. “ I play hide and seek with the creatures of Dante and Kafka. I caress one of the three heads of a Cerberus gnawing on the carcasses of cherubs…” It’s a real adaptation of images to words: an insect for Franz Kafka, a skeleton for Dante Alighieri for example. Subtle references to the Metamorphosis for the first and to the Divine Comedy for the second. All in the middle of a wheat field, as if to recall Stephen King’s terrifying book, “The Corn Demons”. But it’s also deliciously absurd humor with a three-headed chihuahua cerberus. There may be a hidden message with his reputation as a dog dog to his grandmother?
“Trou” was from the album “Terminus”, released in 2018. When imagining this video capsule, Pauline had no idea that a few months later, Hippocampe Fou would call on her. That’s somehow how it started for the production of her music video “Swipe Right ”. Praying mantis and chi hua hua will therefore make the link between this capsule and the clip, hidden or not, identical or not.

About the “La première dose est gratuite” video capsule :

The concept of #La1èreDoseEstGratuite allows director Pauline Bricout to present her work to different artists with whom she would like to collaborate. She therefore chooses each piece according to her musical affinity and imagines the universe for this one in particular and for this sample more precisely. The sample chosen is about 10 seconds long, so as not to interfere or take advantage of the piece, that it remains illustrative and not parasitic. Once the dose has been made, she contacts the artist or the label directly, either by email or via social networks.

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