Jaffna – Roots

Jaffna – Roots
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Release : October 19, 2021

The meeting with Jaffna began with the animation of the title “Oslo”. The request can thus be summed up in one sentence, “Draw me a man”, echoing the famous “Draw me a sheep” from the Little Prince to St Exupéry. From this request are born two characters, illustrated versions of Bravin and Stan, the members of the Jaffna duo. The story of “Roots” therefore follows this first collaboration: two complementary characters who begin their dreamlike parallel journeys, contaminating the world with poetry. In a dazzling finale, these two entities will thus merge to form a whole, Jaffna.
The duo say they “created an energetic, fast-paced track with hints of tribal percussion in the background. We were motivated to try something different and inspired to move forward”
As noted by the English blog The PlayGround (source), “the video, (…) the ideal visual accompaniment to the track ‘Roots’, is an emotional journey of two characters (…) passing through various surreal situations, to finally come together. join and become an “allegorical Jaffna”. ”
Finally, it will be the journalist Émilie Rabenjamina for the magazine Beaux Arts (source) who – by titling her article “Avec Jaffna, marche ou rêve” – ​​will have the prettiest description of Pauline Bricout’s work: “She inscribes her subjects of predilection such as conditioning in the face of freedom. (…) A subtle blend of poetry and passion, which does not fail to make us capsize.”

About Jaffna “Roots” :

Directed by Pauline Bricout, she confides that “(her) credo (is to) generate emotion. Always narrative, surreal and aesthetic, the clips I make have a recurring central theme: Destiny. Systematically living between confinement and freedom, the protagonists are irremediably drawn to their bittersweet spells.

About Jaffna :

The Parisian duo is made up of Bravin (a classically trained pianist from Sri Lanka) and Stan (a French conductor) composing music together since 2014. After touring for 2 years supporting Thylacine and having released several EPs, they released their first album at the end of October 2021, “Journey” on the Enchanté Records label, a label which includes Simon Delacroix alias Toxic Avenger.

Music : Stan & Bravin
Mastering : Alex Gopher
Production : Enchanté Records
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2ju0UOUsdI
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jaffnamusicduo
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jaffnamusicduo

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