Kompromat – Possession

Kompromat – Possession
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Proposition : Citizen Records

Kompromat, Possession, is the second video capsule produced by Pauline Bricout. The group is made up of Rebekah Warrior (Sexy Sushi) and Pascal Arbez Nicolas (Vitalic). In this “first dose is free”, Pauline Bricout has chosen a dark and heavy universe. This universe is corresponding to the tones of the chosen sample. Rebekah Warrior sings “Was hört ihr?” (i.e. “what do you hear?” literally), a question to which a childish heart answers him thus “we don’t hear anything”. The distorted atmosphere of this capsule therefore corresponds to the soaring pads of this piece. In this loop, we come across a duplicated child, Rebekah Warrior phoning Vitalic, a dove bringing a laser back to a statue…
Inspired by old Berlin techno music, Kompromat sits somewhere between Einstürzende Neubauten and Crash Course in Science. Punk, rock, dark & ​​sweet, Kompromat feels like a battle cry and a call to prayer. It makes you want to throw your arms up in the air and dance.
The track “Possession” is from Kompromat’s album “Traum und Existenz” released on April 5, 2019 on Citizen. This album follows a first collaboration in 2012, with “La Mort sur le Dancefloor” on the album “Rave Age”.

About the “La première dose est gratuite” capsules :

The concept of #La1èreDoseEstGratuite allows director Pauline Bricout to present her work to different artists with whom she would like to collaborate. She therefore chooses each piece according to her musical affinity and imagines the universe for this one in particular and for this sample more precisely. The sample chosen is about 10 seconds long, so as not to interfere or take advantage of the piece, that it remains illustrative and not parasitic. Once the dose has been made, she contacts the artist or the label directly, either by email or via social networks.

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