Philippe Katerine – Bof Génération

Philippe Katerine – Bof Génération
Réalisation : Pauline Bricout
Proposition : Philippe Katerine

Philippe Katerine is the creative eccentricity of Andy Warhol and the gentle madness of Michel Gondry. To illustrate the lyrics of this piece, Pauline Bricout imagines a man in underpants with a horse’s head. Horse who will therefore transform into Philippe Katerine himself… A race in a pop and colorful universe, with blue, green and fuchsia hues. The horse sticks out its tongue and the singer has a hooked nose ? Does that mean the emptiness of the world? As he says on France Inter, the “good generation” is people born between 1966 and 1972. It’s the generation before the oil shock. Finding himself “soft” and seeing himself “hanging out in front of the TV”. Thus, Katerine believes that his generation has not experienced anything very gripping like a war, and is amused by the boredom that he and people of his age may have experienced (source)
Crazy like the horse that loses its rider. You will go crazy. Crazy like people piling into cars. You will go crazy.” These lyrics, co-written with Dominique A, comes from the fourteenth studio album of Philippe Katerine (2019). It allows Philippe Katerine to win the prize for male artist of the year at the Victoires de la musique 2020.

About the “La première dose est gratuite” video capsule :

The concept of #La1èreDoseEstGratuite allows director Pauline Bricout to present her work to different artists with whom she would like to collaborate. She therefore chooses each piece according to her musical affinity and imagines the universe for this one in particular and for this sample more precisely. The sample chosen is about 10 seconds long, so as not to interfere or take advantage of the piece, that it remains illustrative and not parasitic. Once the dose has been made, she contacts the artist or the label directly, either by email or via social networks.

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