Robopop – Heart of Glass

Robopop – Heart of Glass
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Release : 10th june 2021

Robopop “Heart of Glass” is the first extract from the UFO project born from the collaboration between Eric Pajot and Raphaël Elig.
These two musicians have done a lot of engineering around vocoded voices (especially with Ircam). They are planning Robopop’s first album in 2022.
As noted by La Parisienne (source), “for 42 years already, this hit composed by the icon Debbie Harry and Chris Stein remains in everyone’s musical memory. (… this) super well done reinterpretation of this timeless tube which highlights this atypical project which will be able to reserve us its share of surprises between covers and original titles”
If the 3 original titles will not be unveiled until 2022, on the cover menu you can find beautiful people like Beach Boys, Queen, Soft Cell, Kate Bush, Soundgarden, etc…
For director Pauline Bricout, the idea was to make the robot dance in a decor full of references to Blondie. These references are her blond hair undulates to the rhythm of the music, his mouth with bright lipstick sings… All in a universe pop/disco and slightly tangy, all in his image.

Authors : Robopop
Production : Enchanté Records
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