This Is Shit – Paraldéhyde

This Is Shit – Paraldehyde
Direction : Pauline Bricout
Release : September 15, 2020

For this first clip of the electroclash/electrorock group This Is Shit “Paraldehyde”, director Pauline Bricout has chosen to use a camera in FPV mode (acronym for English First Person View, so a way of immersing a player in a video game universe)

Therefore, between science fiction, horror and burlesque, it’s a visit to a madhouse, a geriatric ward, in a sick mind… Certainly dark, obscure and mysterious universe, crossed and mutated in an electronic and alienating by a possibly sick mind
Faces like caricatural masks with disproportionate bodies…
Amorphous characters, struck intermittently by epileptic movements…
Octogenarians with a hysterical smile or crazy and crazy nuns…
Crazy psychiatrists in a neo-retro style probably practicing creepy scientific experiments… Abandoned buildings and flashing neon lights, all in a bluish gray atmosphere with tangy red reflections…
But also distorted images, long shadows, frenetic cuts, strobe lights, chromatic aberrations…
As the specialized webzine Dans Ta Face B  (source) notes, “the clip is up to the uppercut to the brain that we receive when listening (…) In short, a compendium of dark and sordid which, we have to admit, made us love it anyway.”

About This Is Shit “Paraldehyde” :

Directed by Pauline Bricout, she summoned monsters, vampires, unicorns, zombies and other supernatural or extraordinary creatures that have attracted her since her earliest childhood. Encouraged by the music of This Is Shit, she delivers here a vision of a personal universe where horror occupies a good place.

About This Is Shit :

Rock-techno trio based in Paris, the three musicians are at the crossroads of multiple musical styles (metal, jazz, electro, math-rock). Therefore, the TH/S /S SH/T project is inhabited by the audacity to explore atypical music, consequently crystallized in a hybrid, modern and coherent mix. More precisely, their sounds are imbued with repetition and the aesthetics of electronic music, combined with the ardor of abrasive rock.

Author: This Is Shit
Produced by: Upton Park Publishing
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